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We believe that access to the healing power of art is essential for
building strong and connected communities, and we strive to offer a
range of cost-effective programming options to make this possible.

Cover artwork by Leo Ilianov, Artist Resident at WE ART ONE

Who We Are

We Art One Artist Collective is a group of creative individuals who have joined forces to discuss, create, and develop dynamic experiences for the community. The Collective is open to all active artists in pursuit of expanding their careers and developing a strong, diverse arts community.

The Collective brings together various creative practices, in unique monthly forums, in order to plan and stage public events, pop-up exhibitions, and stimulating experiences. We also curate other art related activities and events. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.

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The We ART One REACH Mentorship program seeks to deliver creative youth mentorship in order to help develop  at-risk-youth/young adults into creative change leaders, problem-solvers, and critical thinkers.  Creative expression can increase youth's intrinsic motivation, personal accountability and self esteem, as well as build community and social awareness. We believe our youth can better manage issues and pressures within their communities, relationships, and schools through the power of creativity.

Dominican Republic



July 2022

We provided the places to stay, a tour around DR and giving Shanelle a history of DR. She was able to experience new relationships and a new language. The kids were able to express themselves with other organizations in DR. Sharpe Mindset helped by providing social emotional learning and giving them skills not only with creative expression, but also skills to use in everyday life.

Our Partners
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